Saturday Night Dinner Specials

1st Saturday:   Smoked BBQ Ribs - 1/2 or Full rack of baby back ribs smoked slow and low, covered with our House BBQ sauce and served with house made Mac'n'Cheese, John's Jack Daniels Honey Baked Beans and Slaw.  

1/2 Rack $15   Full Rack $22

2nd Saturday:   Spaghetti & Meatballs - Two of our huge Ranieri family recipe meatballs and hearty marinara sauce over a plateful of spaghetti served with a garlic toasted hard roll.                                                                                         $8.50

3rd Saturday:   Smoked Beef Brisket ​- Texas style beef brisket smoked slow and low, served with house made Spanish rice and John's Jack Daniels Honey Baked Beans.      $12

4th​ Saturday:   Smoked Beef Tips​ - Smoked sirloin beef tips served over your choice of mashed potatoes or egg noodles with a side of sweet corn.                                                        $9

5th Saturday (when applicable):   February (2/29) - Italian Sausage & Peppers w/Penne